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From Grime Originals Records, over a riddim produced by Silencer, comes "I Want In" by Fumin. The grime emcee brings his traditional flow to the fore to speak on how he wants the opportunities afforded to other artists in his field, as well as bringing the usual braggadocios attitude in regards to his ability on the mic.

Having been in the scene for over a decade, it's evident that Fumin still knows how to make bangers that resonate with his audience, and with the dedication he's shown to his craft, if he wants in, it's pretty hard to argue against him. "Trust me, it's a mad ting when I link with Silencer," Fumin told Complex on email. "Love to those who welcome or wanted the return of Fumin, because I'm back now. And to the new fans feeling the style of the Fume, I'm sitting on some bangers and can't wait to show you all! Support the movement, as this is the first of much more to come out through Grime Originals Records."

Watch the "I Want In" video exclusively above.