Today marks the release of grime emcee and Roll Deep veteran Flowdan's new video for "Bodybag", featuring dancehall MC Irah (of roasting Nigel Farage fame). Together, the pair combine to create a high-energy anthem over a bed of pounding drum work, a weighty bassline, and stirring strings—all put together by frequent collaborator Masro.

Speaking with Complex over email, Flowdan said of the track: "It's about our musical influences, our movement and sound, and us as MCs. We worked around the idea of every other person's sound or musical movement ending up in a bodybag after ours was unleashed. Irah brings a whole different tone and energy to what I do. It's kind of like the ying to my yang, at times. But at the same time, we're influenced by the same stuff and the same visuals and the same ideas. He displays them in a totally different way to what I do, so it works well."

Watch the video for "Bodybag" above and grab the single on April 27.