There were rumors swirling around the internet last week purporting that Meek Mill, incarcerated for violating his probation terms, would be released from prison on Monday.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case, and his situation remains one of excessive punishment and popular criticism. “I am a political prisoner,” said a frustrated and angry Meek last week. While the fact that his case might help wrongfully convicted Pennsylvanians get retrials, Meek wants one thing the most right now: a fair trial. Thankfully, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office just acquiesced to the notion that a retrial would be fair, and should be granted.

According to Philly’s The Inquirer, the credibility of Meek’s arresting officer was questioned in court today, as well as the actual threat put forth by 10-year old gun and drug charges. The D.A.’s office said these old charges should be vacated, and that the Wins & Losses MC deserves a fair shake in the form of a new trial. All of this took place at a status hearing, which was reportedly mistaken for a meeting during which Meek would receive official release terms.

This was reportedly the first time prosecutors involved with Meek’s case vocalized their agreement with his lawyers that the nature of his arrest wasn’t entirely legitimate. This admission, given by Assistant District Attorney Liam Riley, could potentially lead to a retrial—which itself could be declined by the prosecutors, seemingly losing momentum and support for their side. As it stands, of course, Meek’s case remains active, but this verbalized admission in support of the defense’s side is a huge step in this case’s history.

If you recall, Meek was sentenced in November to two to four years in prison for violating his probation. The notoriously biased judge, Genece E. Brinkley, would have to agree with the defense’s decision and the prosecution’s admission that this might be best, in order to move forward with a retrial. As was expected, there was no such empathy from Brinkley today, as she reportedly simply scheduled another hearing for June and dismissed any pleas for Meek’s release on bail.

Meanwhile, one of Meek’s lawyers reportedly said the defense will file motions to secure his release “immediately.” Brian McMonagle said his team was “elated” by the D.A.’s office decision to support their argument that the arrest was questionable, and that Judge Brinkley’s decision not to would be a “reprehensible crime.” Another defense lawyer for Meek, Joe Tacopina, depressingly contextualized his client’s continued incarceration in the wake of today’s promising developments. “Now the fact that he’s in jail is even more egregious,” he said.

The Meek Mill incarceration scandal will continue for the time being. With a judge sentencing him to prison, despite the reported fact that neither the prosecutors nor Meek’s probation officer recommended such punishment at the time, and evidence suggesting the arresting officer lied to get a conviction, the entire case seems rooted in injustice and stubbornness. Riley, who admitted a retrial might be best today, is reportedly reviewing 56 cases associated with Meek’s arresting officer to verify if other convictions were improperly achieved.

In a written statement sent to HipHopDX, Tacopina provided some further insight into today's proceedings. "We are thrilled that the District Attorney’s office has consented to the PCRA relief which we requested on Meek’s behalf," he wrote. " As a result, the DA agrees that his conviction should be overturned. The DA also stated in open court that the prior DA was aware that Officer Graham was untrustworthy as far back as 2005, which was never disclosed to Meek’s defense team. In light of these significant developments, we are stunned that Judge Brinkley continues to adhere to her view that Meek is not entitled to immediate release on bail. We will apply for emergency relief with the Supreme Court immediately, and are sure that this travesty of justice will be rectified soon."

Judge Brinkley, whom many have accused of operating unjustly and with unnecessary personal motivations, did not reassure Meek supporters today. “This case is not going to be done any differently,” she said.