Fans of North London rapper Nines will have no doubt heard a phrase that has since become the title of his first release ahead of a brand new album for 2018. The quote, of course, is lifted from cult flick Paid In Full, and "I See You Shining" (produced by Steel Banglez and Zeph Ellis) is a bold declaration of appreciation that can only be accompanied by an equally flashy vid as Nines delivers his customary blend of grit and audacity.

Starting off the day with a bowl full of heathy greens, Nines proceeds to whip a pot in the middle of a snow-stormed kitchen and later levitate in between the blocks on his estate. With 2017's debut One Foot Out album, Nines dropped to positive reviews and a No. 4 slot on the charts, and with more Steel Banglez-produced works expected soon, he's well positioned to go a few places higher this year.