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Fresh off the release of his “96 Bulls” single, Atlanta-based MC Nick Grant has come through with a new track called “The Switch Up” featuring Yo Gotti.

The song was accompanied by an official music video directed by Kid Art, who has worked on visuals for Kodak Black (“Weatherman”), the Diplomats (“Once Upon a Time”), Wyclef Jean (“Hendrix”), and more.

“The Switch Up” video falls right in line with Kid Art’s previous work, as it shelves crazy effects, grand sets, and elaborate concepts in favor of simple—but classic—hip-hop visuals. There are close-ups of iced-out jewelry, several sports cars scenes, as well as beautiful women. 

“You’re gonna meet up with negative energy, it’s inevitable!” Grant told Complex about the song's message. “But the lesson in that, is to make it damn near impossible to reach you the next time.”

You can check out “The Switch Up” video above and grab the single on iTunes.

Grant is also preparing to drop his sophomore album Dreamin Out Loud, which will reportedly feature DJ Khaled, DRAM, and more.

“[The album] is just about me being more personal, inviting people into my world,” he said during a recent appearance on Power 106 Los Angeles. “That’s very important, to be able to resonate with your audience and for them to know you. Because if they never know you, then they’re not going to connect with the music […] That’s what this album is about: being more personal, being more real, being more human, being more honest.”