Nav Says 'Perfect Timing 2' With Metro Boomin and Debut Album Are Coming Soon

Nav says 'Perfect Timing 2' with Metro Boomin, as well as a debut album, are coming soon.

If you're a Nav fan, then you'd probably be pleased to find out that the Canadian rapper announced not one, but two upcoming projects with nearby release dates. On Thursday night while performing in Los Angeles, Nav announced that his debut album Reckless would be "coming soon." Immediately after that, he also told the excited crowd that he was again collaborating with Metro Boomin for Perfect Timing 2, the follow-up to the summer 2017 mixtape Perfect Timing. Of course, the latter comes after Metro Boomin's supposed retirement from the game.

He followed up by briefly re-announcing Reckless on Twitter Friday afternoon, which is especially helpful if you weren't in the crowd Thursday night:

Stay tuned for updates on how soon "soon" is.

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