After 37 episodes, four background changes, and one cake to the face, Trending Topics is no more. But don't worry, a similar and better show is taking it's place. Say hello to Delete Your History.

Delete Your History is a show about one celebrity and the internet. We'll dig up their embarrassing old tweets, pictures that make us wonder, and videos that need some explaining.

Comedian, actor, and screenwriter Marlon Wayans has a long history in entertainment. He also has a long history with the internet. On the series premiere of Delete Your History, Marlon explains why 2Pac wouldn't like today's rap and how Lil Pump is showing early signs of "crackheadness," but he can't deny the catchiness of "Gucci Gang." 

Season 1 of Delete Your History will feature 12 episodes, and we've got a wild cast of guests coming up that includes plenty of new rappers, one of the internet's most polarizing antagonists, a celebrity with a sex tape, and the most family-friendly artist to ever collaborate with R. Kelly. It's going to get interesting. Check out the Marlon Wayans episode above, and get ready for a fun season. Thanks for watching.