Logic recently sat down with the L.A. Leakers at Power 106 Los Angeles to discuss his video for his song "Everyday," writing his novels, J. Cole's controversial "1985" track, and more. At one point, Logic was asked if he would ever be interested in doing a collaboration album with a certain producer. To no surprise, he immediately voiced the name of one of hip-hop's greatest producers, Kanye West.

"Kanye, number one. That would be really dope," he said. The Ye cosign comes as the music icon's recent Twitter rants supporting Donald Trump have provided a ton of Kanye diehards with some grief over the past couple of days. The exchange is rather brief and Logic does not expand much, but there is no denying that a Kanye-produced album would be a banger.

Before alienating a solid amount of people by tweeting out such visuals a Trump-signed MAGA hat, Kanye was blessing Twitter with album releases dates. It's how we found out that he would be giving us two albums this June, a collab album with Kid Cudi titled Kids See Ghosts, and a new solo project. He also announced release dates for upcoming projects from the likes of Teyana Taylor, Pusha T, and even Nas, citing that he had a hand in producing all of them.

Ironically, Logic has voiced his opinion on Kanye openly supporting Trump in the past. On the track "America" off of his album Everybody, he raps:

George Bush don't care about black people
2017 and Donald Trump is the sequel
So shit, I say what Kanye won't
Wake the fuck up and give the people what they want
Man it's all love, but the youth is confused
Your music is 20/20 but them political views
Is blurred, and I ain't trying to leave your name slurred
'Cause honestly I idolize you on everything, my word
But I gotta say what need be said
'Cause I ain't fuckin' with the hat with the colors that's white and red

Aside from Kanye, Logic also said he thinks it would be "so much fun" to tour with Drake and that an entire boom bap project with the legendary DJ Premier would be a worthy future project as well. While he said collaborating with producers would be on the table, he said he will never participate in the current trend of dropping an entire collab album with another artist because he, "wants all the attention."

For the entire conversation, peep the video above. Logic's Kanye talk starts at around the 14:49 mark.