Lil Yachty and Trippie Redd have a "lotta shit" dropping soon.

The two have been all over each other's respective Instagram feeds in recent days, teasing multiple new tracks including a take on Three 6 Mafia's recently revived classic "Who Run It" and a new one tentatively titled "Taking a Walk." "Lotta shit coming 4rm me and twin," Yachty promised in one post. In another, this time on Redd’s Instagram Story, Yachty is seen staring intensely at a studio monitor.

Yachty and Redd previously linked for the Steve Lean and DY-produced Lil Boat 2 track "66," which sadly didn't include a third "6" in its title just to fuck with all the dummies worried about shit like that. In case you missed it, Redd broke down his fondness for the comforting numerical sequence just last month. "Six protons, six neutrons, six electrons," he said. "Melanin in black people's skin. Do your research. Now, why I say TR666? Because Trippie Redd is black, but Trippie Redd is also dark. I make dark music, but I'm black, so I use it as a metaphor. Make sure you do your research, man, because these people could be telling you, like, 666 is the mark of the beast."


Though it's not currently clear where these Redd x Yachty tracks will land, Redd did previously tease his plans of dropping a Dedication-esque tape featuring his interpretations of other artists' songs. The project, Redd explained to HotNewHipHop, is directly influenced by his "favorite artist" Lil Wayne.