Lil B has come to Kanye West's defense over the Chicago rapper's recent social media activity.

"Let Kanye West speak his mind," Lil B tweeted Sunday evening.

Kanye has been on a mission to shake up the status quo, with statements like the below:

"We have freedom of speech but not freedom of thought," he also tweeted last week."The thought police want to suppress freedom of thought."

A part of Kanye's message has been putting his support behind President Donald Trump, which has received mixed results. Artists like Questlove and Janelle Monáe, and to a certain extent Frank Ocean and J. Cole, have criticized Kanye for the position he's taking. Close friend and collaborator John Legend also spoke on 'Ye's pro-Trump tweets, and based on a recent meet the issue hasn't divided their friendship.

Lil B's stance on Trump has at times been critical, with the rapper telling Dazed in 2016 on the topic of Trump's antagonistic views toward the Black Lives Matter movement: "If that’s what he’s saying, then he doesn’t care about anyone except the people he resembles."

Prior to the 2016 election, Lil B publicly endorsed then-candidate Bernie Sanders: