Kanye West and his manager Scooter Braun have parted ways, according to TMZ. Insiders told the outlet that Kanye gave an ultimatum to his team: They either work with him full-time or they don’t work with him at all. Scooter chose the latter.

TMZ shared that the two are still on good terms with one another and will continue to work together, particularly since Scooter helped Kanye launch the Yeezy brand.

However, it seems like Kanye might be exhibiting erratic behavior again. His inner circle is concerned about his mental health, according to The Blast. An insider revealed to the outlet that during a recent studio session, Kanye went on a rant and shouted at everyone in the room, claiming that he didn’t require his team to be made of people with “titles,” and that he’d “do it all myself." He’s determined that Yeezy business be “handled in-house,” by him, also calling his brand, “the new Apple.”

“We are all worried about his current mental health,” a source told The Blast. Many people present in the studio were those who helped Kanye bounce back from his 2016 breakdown, when he was hospitalized after erratic behavior and forced to cancel the Life of Pablo Tour. Now, The Blast reports those closest to him believe he’s going through another “episode."

On the other hand, a source told Billboard that Kanye's split with Braun was influenced by his desire to “leave the traditional music business.” For now, Kanye is still signed to a record deal with Def Jam and a publishing deal with Sony/ATV.

This week, even more eyes have been on Kanye after he told Hot 97 host Ebro Darden that he loves Donald Trump and that “nobody really showed love for me when I was addicted to opioids and in the hospital.” This comes after Kanye publicly praised alt-right commentator Candace Owens. Kanye didn’t stop there, though: On Tuesday morning, he called in to Hot 97 to repeatedly tell Ebro that he loves him.

Still, sources told The Blast that the Kardashians think Kanye is “perfection” and “has never been better.” While the outlet says that Kanye recently ended a few business relationships—such as with Scooter—the family still believes that “all engines are blasting” and have rejected any notion that Kanye may be mentally ill.