On this week's episode of Eric and Jeff Rosenthal's A Waste of Time podcast, the hip-hop heads sat down with legendary Dipset rapper and Diplomat Records label head Jim Jones to talk shop. 

The brothers jumped right in asking about Jones' early years starting out as a rapper from Harlem, his iconic collaborations with fellow Dipset artists, and some of the lasting effects he's seen his artistry have on the industry. Towards the end of the episode, one of the brothers managed to slip in a question about some of the acts he did (or in this case, didn't) get to sign himself.

"We know that J. Cole and his team came to you at one point," Rosenthal starts out, before Jones hops in to correct him.

"J. Cole didn't have a team when he came to me. He didn't have a team, it was just J. Cole rapping," Jones said. He went on to explain that Cole's style today is very different from what he was spitting back in the day in Jones' studio.

"Light skin kid coming to the studio every day rapping like Drake, and at that point, it was Drake, n*ggas didn't know what to do with no Drake. Drake was just a phenomenon at that point. You can't have two of them right now. As you see, it took him a few years after that to kind of find his place and what he wanted to do. He ain't rapping like Drake no more but when he was in my studio he was," Jones said. 

We're still unsure from his response whether or not Jones truly feels as though he missed out on signing Cole, but he clearly recognizes the rapper's talent and evolution throughout his career.

To listen to the full episode hop over to A Waste of Time on SoundCloud, and skip to 1:04:53 to hear the bits about J. Cole.