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Some people did a double take when J Balvin, of “Mi Gente” fame, appeared as a guest on Portuguese YouTuber SirKazzio’s channel to play “Fuck, Marry, Kill” and didn’t choose to marry Rihanna, saying he would only want to fool around with her.

The Colombian reggaeton singer reportedly said that Rihanna “isn’t a good woman to marry, just fool around.” 

People took issue with J Balvin’s comments. 

imagine an ego so inflated yet so fragile the baddest bitch on the planet isn't marriage worthy l o l z

— rae "has no" chill (@RaeWitte) April 10, 2018

Balvin spoke to Ebro Darden for Beats 1 on Apple Music to discuss his upcoming album. He also addressed the controversy surrounding his attitude towards Rihanna.

“I love Rihanna but I’m not gonna marry Rihanna,” he said. “I would never kill Rihanna because she’s my queen, she’s one of my biggest idols that I really want to work with one day.”

“But you think Rihanna is just a little bit too wild for you?” Darden countered.

“I think I’m crazy, and she must be super nice too,” he said, with a laugh. “I love that she’s wild, so I wouldn’t marry her, I wish to go out with her and party and be a couple but not married.”

“The important thing is that I’m clear about the love and respect that I got for Rihanna,” he said. “I’m Rihanna’s biggest fan, and if you’re listening, I love you, baby.” 

j balvin: rihanna isn’t a good woman to marry, just fool around
also j balvin:

— فيرونيكا (@rirismycocaine) April 10, 2018

J Balvin also spoke about his upcoming album. The title, Vibras, means vibes, and he promises it will be a “crazy album.” He also said the sound of the project will be about 33% dancehall, 33% R&B, and 33% reggaeton.

“It’s different, it’s taking it back to the old school,” he said.