Memes have real power, and one viral tweet of a color guard squadron getting down to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” proves just that. The tweet, which now has more than 131,000 retweets and 311,000 likes, helped sky rocket the song to the number 16 spot on the Hot Rock Songs chart, as Billboard points out.

The track from their classic 1977 album Rumours also reportedly saw a 36% increase in download sales and a 24% rise in on-demand streams, up to 1.9 million, since the tweet was posted on March 22. The somewhat somber rock song seems to resonate with so many during this trying mercury retrograde.

Twitter user @bottledfleet edited the karaoke classic over a video of a high school color guard team and accompanied it with a “me, an intellectual” joke. The song may have come out over 40 years ago, but no matter what people say, this tweet proves you can dance to Fleetwood Mac while waiting for the rain to wash you clean.

In other meme news this week, the "if you don't love me at my ___, you don't deserve me at my ___” joke has soared off to new heights. Enjoy.