The 2018 NBA playoffs are upon us and J. Cole is providing the soundtrack to the festivities. 

In a new NBA on ESPN commercial for the season, highlights from Stephen Curry, LeBron James, James Harden, Ben Simmons, and more are seen as Cole raps about different teams and players and provides some inspirational messages.

"It's gold at stake for Golden State/How much weight can King's shoulders take," raps Cole about Golden States' Stephen Curry and Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James. "When the odds ain't great/Some fold and break/While greats let the dreams of a ring motivate," Cole continues to rap before the beat drops.

"Never sleep on a man that's expected to lose/With a chip on his shoulder and something to prove," Cole raps over Russell Westbrook's highlights. "The bottoms for the wolves and they're thirsty for blood/The mission is to catch somebody slipping above," continues Cole.

The North Carolina rapper continues to offer hustling tips like "win and repeat" and "even with a man down the show much go on." He even quotes Jay Z's line in "Public Service Announcement" (and later in "Kill Jay Z") : "finish your breakfast."

But most of all, Cole reminds the players that it's more important now than ever to give the game their all.

"No time for crying/Better pick up the slack/cause ain't no guarantee that you gon' ever be back," he raps.

As several teams are vying for the championship, never forget that J. Cole went platinum with no features. Catch his latest verse in the NBA on ESPN playoffs ad above.