The Kanye/Candace Owens saga continues. The two met up Sunday, a week after he tweeted “I love the way Candace Owens thinks." Kanye eventually confirmed the meeting with a photo he tweeted Monday.

The pair also apparently took time out of their meeting to FaceTime Hot 97’s Ebro. In a clip from his radio show on Monday, Ebro broke down his exchange with the conservative mouthpiece and Kanye, which took place during the Sunday afternoon Cavs vs. Pacers playoffs game. Ebro says the conversation kicked off when Owens asked him when she would be invited to the show. “I said, ‘Well I just don’t have people on to have conversations about aligning themselves with hate groups and racists,” Ebro responded. “‘I don’t believe what we’re going through right now means we have to align ourselves with hateful people.’”

Ebro said he upset Owens by calling her “Candie" for short, then prodded her about “Make America Great Again.” “When was it great?” he asked. “She went on to tell me the again part means the time when her sharecropping grandfather was able to buy land...of which I said, 'So you want to go back to when black folks were sharecroppers?’”

Kanye ended the conversation abruptly, claiming that Kim was calling. “He’s probably not even allowed to be on the phone with you without Kris Jenner’s supervision,” Peter Rosenberg joked.

Despite their differences, the lines of communication between Ebro and Kanye continue to be open. 

Listen to all the details about Ebro’s FaceTime with Kanye and Candace Owens in the video above.