FX's Atlanta introduced us to a black Justin Bieber and a sinister Chance the Rapper–like character. But in its latest episode "Champagne Papi," viewers thought they'd see its version of Drake as Van and her friends head to his supposed New Year's Eve party. Instead, all they got was a cardboard cutout of the actual Toronto rhymer, who may or may not be Mexican in the series.

Now, Drake revealed that he watched the episode. "this shit is surreal I am too high for this," wrote Drake on Instagram Stories with a clip from the beginning of the episode.

Ibra Ake, who took the photo featured on Awaken My Love!'s album cover, wrote this episode as well. On Twitter, he mentioned that he created this as "a piece of content for Drake's roll-out" of his latest single, "Nice For What."

Of course, tweeters are relishing in real-life Drake watching an episode about Atlanta's Drake. "Crying at Drake watching the “ChampagnePapi” episode of #Atlanta on his ig story 😭😭😭 classic," tweeted one person. "Drake watching Atlanta and is confused as hell lol," tweeted another.

There appears to be no bad blood between Drake and Atlanta's co-creator, Donald Glover, either. Back in 2014, Glover said he was better than Drake. Now, the two are prospering more than ever. Drake is set to release his next album, Scorpion, in June, while Glover is set to take on Saturday Night Live! as a host and a musical guest as Childish Gambino on May 5.

Check out some other reactions on Drake watching the "surreal" episode below.