Drake is no stranger to ridicule. The so-called "sensitive rapper" has been the object of myriad memes and the target of jokes about everything from his time as Wheelchair Jimmy on Degrassi: The Next Generation to his frequently awkward decisions.

In the latest bout of Drake-mocking, Instagrammers are making fun of his selfie where he wears a gradient-designed durag and is seemingly pursing his lips in a duck face. The pic was posted by Toronto comedian Trey Richards who called Drizzy "Duey P Newton in the Gradient Du."

He also tagged Champagne Papi. The comments were then filled with crying laughing emojis, lols and lmaos as Instagrammers made fun of Drake's latest fashion choice. Upon seeing the comments, it turns out Drizzy had enough with the slander by claiming he looks fresh. So clearly, everyone else must be haters.

“Wooooowww its crazy to see how people hate on how fleek I look in the gradient dueyyy I Pree’d nuff of your profiles and you mans are waste from ends that nobody rates ah lie?” read Drake's rebuttal in the comments section that was caught by a fan site.

Could this all have been in God's Plan too? *thinking emoji*