The fallout from DMX's tax evasion case continues. Not only is the rapper going to be spending the next year in federal prison, but he'll also be forced to pay a hefty $2.3 million in restitution.

TMZ got the latest scoop on the rapper's legal woes, which include paying off his debt in installments once he's released. The judge presiding over X's case is recommending that he serve his time at Danbury Federal Correctional Facility (the prison that inspired the Netflix dramedy "Orange Is The New Black") and is also mandating that he complete outpatient drug abuse and mental health programs upon his release.

DMX was officially sentenced last week, after prosecutors claimed he tried to skip out on his $1.7 million tax bill by hiding royalties and other sources of income. His attorney, Murray Richman, played X’s song “Slippin’” to show just how much X has been through in his life and hopefully alleviate his sentence. It didn't work.

This won't be the former hitmaker's first time in prison. In November 2015, DMX was sentenced to 70 days in the slammer for parole violation, but was released on good behavior. In July 2015, he served six months for falling $400,000 behind in child support.