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DJ Snake has dropped the music video for his recent dance hit "Magenta Riddim" and it's wild in the best way possible. The French DJ and producer was looking to return to his dance roots on this latest song, and decided to jet off to India in order to pay tribute to some of the music that's influenced his career.

Snake appears briefly at the beginning on a faux Indian news cast along with a team of firefighters in a small Telangana town. In this vivid, big budget production, the firefighters are a group of local heroes who just can't stop dancing. Directed by Gal Muggia and Vania Heymann, the video features local artists and talent who are legendary performers within the realm of "Tollywood" (the area's local film industry).

The jovial squad ride through the neighborhood on a colorfully decorated fire truck, stopping traffic accidents, kissing the tops of locals heads, and fending off a massive inferno, all while dancing and smiling. The video is a testament to Snake's creativity and willingness to create music that spans global boundaries. It's an ambitious project that clearly took major amounts of time and funding to pull off, and while Snake is no stranger to churning out bangers, this may be one one of the funnest videos he's made yet.

Check out the full video above, and catch DJ Snake on tour this summer.