Pro Era is planning a big 2018, which includes the reintroduction of Dessy Hinds, who shares his new video for “Savior.”

One of the quieter members of Pro Era, Dessy has been in college since Joey Badass’ breakthrough debut mixtape 1999 dropped. But now, Dessy’s back, and “Savior” is proof that he’s making his best work. 

In the visual, we see Dessy and Pro Era members—among them, Joey and Kirk Knight—mobbing in the streets of New York, as the scenes cut between what looks like a support group meeting, glimpses of somber moments from real people’s lives, and Pro Era eating at a Chinese restaurant.

Dessy told Complex over email, “I wanted my first single to be heavy and healing. The inspiration behind the visuals came from how I see myself interact with other people.”

Watch the new video for “Savior” up top. Earlier this year, Pro Era's Chuck Strangers dropped his debut album Consumers Park, while multiple members, including Joey, have kept fans satiated with one-off releases.