Well, it looks like CyHi the Prynce has fallen down the rabbit hole of bizarre political Twitter rantings now, too. Whether he's endorsing Kanye's most recent school of thought regarding race, power, and Trump to appear "woke" like Ye, or he's really just fallen into the sunken place is yet to be determined. But the G.O.O.D. Music rapper's recent tweets have a lot of people scratching their heads.

One of CyHi's first tweets that prompted the mess of back-and-forth arguments specifically regarded Trump. 

The tweet quickly prompted replies from disappointed fans, to which CyHi responded by saying "y'all give this man too much authority over your life." Hm. 

Cy stood behind his assertions that Trump is a mere mortal and thus, we should not fear him. Things started to heat up further when Kanye was mentioned.

As more and more people started to fire back at some of Cy's seemingly out-of-touch arguments, things naturally devolved into the people vs. CyHi, with users claiming he and Kanye's ideas are dangerous.

After this point, there seemed to be no real connecting line of thought to CyHi's tweets. So instead of trying to piece together an understandable narrative from the defensive ramblings, I'll just share some of the most out-of-pocket quote tweets that came next.

My personal favorite:

It's a bizarre time we're living in, truly.