Young Chancelor Bennett, better known as Chance the Rapper, is a cool 25 years old today, April 16. Clap for him—no, seriously. Thus far, Chance has accomplished a whole hell of a lot. Since kicking off his career with his debut mixtape 10 Day in 2012, the Chicago MC has made it a point to casually level up on us, constantly.

The heavily introspective and musically explorative Acid Rap was his true breakthrough in 2013, but Coloring Book, which came three years later, is where he broke records. It became the first album to chart on the Billboard Top 200 list through pure streaming—over 53 million streams, to be exact. It also earned him a few little awards called Grammys, making Coloring Book the first streaming-only album to win a Grammy, ever.

Chance doesn't know how to not boss up. On top of his music efforts, he's given a lecture at Harvard, been featured on Forbes' coveted 30 under 30 music list, and donated $1 million to Chicago public schools. Chance has lived a pretty full life up to now, and one can only imagine where he's headed next. But where were his contemporaries at this age? Where were his predecessors? If you've been wracking your brain trying to figure this out in the 2.5 seconds since I posed the inquiries, worry no more. Here are what 9 of your favorite rappers were (and in some cases, are) doing when they hit 25.