Chance the Rapper and Big Sean's 2016 team-up "Living Single" was, unfortunately, largely derailed by a pathetic leaker. Though Sean ultimately dropped a final version of the collab to celebrate the success of his I Decided single "Bounce Back," both artists spoke candidly about their frustrations over the initial leak months earlier:

Now, it appears the two are cooking up something new together. Monday night, Sean joined Chance for the latest Open Mike vent at Harold Washington Library Center in Chicago to run through a few catalog highlights:

​Chance and Sean have also been spotted recording something (or multiple somethings) in recent days. Tragically, the footage that's been shared so far has been audio-free, though it's hard to blame them considering what happened with "Living Single." Both artists are believed to be in the middle of working on their next respective solo projects, so there's a chance these Chicago sessions could result in multiple collabs. There's also a chance the sessions will result in nothing at all.

Whatever Sean has been working on over the past few months must have him glued to the studio, as he called off his Unfriendly Reminder Tour back in February to focus on recording. According to Sean, he's been in a "deep creative space" that will require him to keep it locked down in the studio. "I learned in life you have to follow your intuition," he said. "I hope you do the same." Good Great advice.

Whatever's going down, there's definitely a vibe afoot. Stay tuned.