Avicii's family has released a statement about the past three days following the artist's death, which is comprised of gratitude to his fans and pleads to be allowed healthy, private mourning. 

The late EDM DJ/producer, whose real name was Tim Bergling, was found dead in a Muscat, Oman hotel room of unknown causes. While fans across the globe mourned his death and celebrated his life—from sitting in silence for a moment, dancing to his music with friends, to communal mourning at Coachella—it is Tim’s family most affected. Today, the Berglings released a statement directed at his fans.

“We would like to thank you for the support and the loving words about our son and brother,” reads the statement via Variety. “We are so grateful for everyone who loved Tim’s music and have precious memories of his songs. Thank you all for the initiatives taken to honor Tim, with public gatherings, church bells ringing out his music, tributes at Coachella and moments of silence around the world. We are grateful for the privacy during this difficult time. Our wish is that it continues that way. With love, The Tim Bergling Family.”

One of those Coachella tributes from this weekend was from Blackbear and Mike Posner.

Avicii voiced concerns about his health back in 2016, when he retired from live performances. “To me it was something I had to do for my health,” he said, with a gallbladder and appendix removal two years prior influencing his decision.

“It was not the shows and not the music,” he explained. “It was always the other stuff surrounding it that never came naturally to me.” In 2012, he was hospitalized for acute pancreatitis reportedly spurred by “heavy drinking.”