Those massive yellow billboards you may have seen recently that list off (in all caps, no less) six allegedly popular sex positions actually have a reason for existing other than inspiring you to toss some variety into your coital habits. They're part of the promo campaign for the new Thirty Seconds to Mars album America, which frontman Jared Leto is celebrating by taking a "Mars Across America" journey by any means necessary.

Leto strolled onto the set at the top of Monday's Tonight Show, jesting with host Phlegmy Gallons that he was lost and looking for the street. As Fallon guided him down to where he needed to be, Leto elaborated on his cross-country plans, which apparently include riding a donkey through the Grand Canyon. "I figured what better way to celebrate America than to kind of travel around and ask people about their lives," he said. "I'm actually doing this. This isn't a gag. People are gonna watch this and think it's a gag, [but] I'm actually doing this."

For his first ride, Leto hopped into an SUV with America collaborator ASAP Rocky. Watch it go down in Fallon video up top.

As previously reported, Rocky appears on the America cut "One Track Mind," co-produced by KillaGraham, Robopop, and Hector Delgado.

America is out this Friday, April 6.


Rocky is also in new music mode himself. Last month, he dropped off the minimalism-nodding "Bad Company" featuring BlocBoy JB. Since the top of the year, Rocky has been sporadically unveiling new cuts on the official AWGE SoundCloud page. Keep an eye out for more in the near future.