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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that 21 Savage has stepped up to cover the funeral costs for T'Rhigi Diggs, a 3-year-old boy killed in a drive-by shooting on Easter in DeKalb County, Georgia. The child's mother Roshonda Craig told the publication that 21 is a family friend. Diggs will have an open funeral this weekend at Israel Baptist Church.

Roshonda Craig said that the offer was incredibly touching, lifting a tremendous weight off the grief-stricken family. 

Talking about what lead up to the shooting, Craig said she saw people driving in a Dodge Charger with paintball guns right before hearing the gunshot. There's recently been a series of paintball "wars" around Atlanta, which Craig believes might have lead to the incident. She says that the gunman might have been provoked after sighting the paintball guns. The paintball wars were started to encourage people to stop using real guns.

Police are still investigating the shooting further with the gunman still at large. 

Police have released a video of people they believe may have saw the shooting take place, and they're actively asking for anyone to come forward with any information.