Sway Calloway’s regular “Five Fingers of Death” segment has repeatedly gone viral based on a fairly simple concept. Participating artists are given five instrumentals to meant to challenge their improvisational skills, often requiring them to switch up their cadence and flow during a given freestyle. 

In this case, ANoyd confirmed that at least some of his performance was written beforehand.

“I forgot, I just wrote that shit yesterday,” ANoyd quipped, when attempting to repeat a line that clearly referenced Lil Xan calling Tupac “boring.”

Artists such as Tory Lanez, Logic, and King Los have seen their stock rise by bodying Sway’s challenge, and Connecticut’s ANoyd recently appeared on the show in hopes of joining that list of rappers.

Regardless of whether the rhymes were written or not, ANoyd put an interesting spin on the concept of “Five Fingers of Death” by dedicating a section of his performance to each of the five figures on the human hand.

“The ring finger says you tied down/To keep it all the way a band/Let me buy a vowel/You mad I ain’t quiet now/The pinky obvious/We connecting with making promises/Or when it ain’t my business I drink the tea on some proper shit,” ANoyd rhymed.

You can judge for yourself if he cemented his place among some of the best “Five Fingers of Death” performers by watching the video above. The bars begin at the 54-second mark. Some slick bars and at least one not-so-subliminal shot at Lil Xan highlight the nearly six-minute performance.