Waka Flocka is in full Flockaveli 2 mode. During a recent appearance on Tim Westwood's Capital Xtra show, Flocka debuted a new freestyle featuring lyrics jotted into his phone, and discussed his continued influence on younger generations of artists.

Waka was joined by Loudiene for the freestyle, who tossed in some ad-libs and a few bars of his own. Though the rap sees Waka covering a range of topics, an early standout line centers on his insistence that he came from "an era full of OGs" while others come from "an era full of codeine."

That line touches on some of the more telling moments from Westwood's accompanying interview. Speaking on his influence on younger artists, Waka corrected Westwood's introduction by adding some specificity. "Nah, nah, see, we're gonna rephrase that," Waka said around the two-minute mark in the video above. "I'm not one of the first, I am the first in my generation to carry it. I'm just the grandfather. I'm an old granddad now, if we talking music. Yeah, I'm a granddad, past OG. I'm like the OG's OG. Sick. I'm the shooter's favorite shooter."

Later, Waka doubled down on his status as a "rock-hop" pioneer. "I don't care whose album is out today, man, I'm just gonna compare it to my first album," he said around the eight-minute mark. "Compare my first album to everybody's first album, tell me who harder. Compare my shows to everybody else shows. Compare how you impact, and I impact, who's harder? Compare how many people I influenced, period . . . I gotta be cocky about that now, because it's going a different direction. I see people going at the youngsters, sometimes they do wrong stuff but...this generation never heard my music."

Earlier this month, Waka was more direct in his critiques. He said in a tweet that Lil Xan was "banned" from hip-hop following his comments on 2Pac, which he said showed a lack of respect for someone who "paved the way for all of us literally."