Late Tuesday night, WorldStarHipHop uploaded a video that seems to show Bow Wow getting attacked by a rapper named Cheeks Bossman.

The video cuts out right after the punch lands and there isn't much context to explain why this happened, but you can hear someone yelling, "What’s up with that Future shit?" right before the altercation takes place.

Future was rumored to be dating the mother of Bow Wow's daughter Shia back in September, prompting some slick talk from the former 106 & Park host, so this incident could be the result of those tensions. That doesn't explain why Cheeks Bossman involved himself in the situation, though. The only thing we can come up with is that Bossman once collaborated with Zoey Dollaz, who is signed to Future's label Freebandz.

Of course, it's also worth noting that Bow Wow has been repeatedly accused of fabricating moments for attention. We all remember the fake private jet photo that sparked the #BowWowChallenge, but he's also been caught photoshopping images and accused of faking videos of adoring fans. The fact that the video suspiciously cuts out right after Bow Wow gets punched is leading many to believe that this isn't real either.

Bow Wow tried to share his side of things on Instagram Live later in the evening. "All I’m letting you know is right now, on my daughter, it ain’t going down like that," he said. Then he explained that the video didn’t tell the whole story, but there’s a witness who live-tweeted the whole thing. He ended the video by saying he'll send those tweets to The Shade Room to reveal.

The Shade Room's Instagram page then posted videos and photos, explaining, "Apparently the video is from an incident that happened last year, and the part that was left off camera was when he defended himself. However, a fan gave a play by play of the incident on Twitter." The tweets—courtesy of @MissBrownEyez_, who's getting a kick out of this—were published Nov. 13. 

If you're still confused, Bow Wow is scheduled to appear on Power 106's radio program The Cruz Show Wednesday morning, so it's likely that we'll hear more details soon.