In his 2017 track “Hate to Say,” Tory Lanez references am alleged confrontation with Travis Scott that occurred at the inaugural Mala Luna Festival in San Antonio.  

Tory Lanez Tweet
Image via Twitter

Me and Travis Scott almost fought at the Mala Luna
We both agreed shortly after that it was music
We possibly could be doing that's bigger than tryna ruin it
So my apologies, nigga, just forgive me for doin' it

Nearly two years after the incident went down, WorldStarHipHop has released footage of the heated exchange. And it pretty much confirms Lanez’s previous account. 

In a recent interview with HotNewHipHop, Lanez spoke about his and Scott’s temporary beef, which reportedly stemmed from a now-deleted tweet that addressed his comparison to the Houston rapper, specifically on his record “Litty.” “I can't sound like somebody I wrote for ...” he posted just one day before Mala Luna.

“I had said some shit about things I had previously written, and there was this song that Travis Scott had did that I had wrote the hook for […] he didn’t even know it was me at the time. I was telling y’all that I had wrote the record or whatever, and [the media] had put it out and spun it,” Lanez said around the 17:30 mark. “Whoever it was, was just like, ‘Tory Lanez says he ghostwrites for Travis Scott, da da da da da. And boom, we get into this whole thing.”

He continued: “I'm small, but my adrenaline level is at a different level. I'm in a crowd of 10,000, 20,000 thousand fans. It comes to a point where I get off stage, and I'm in a room...and Travis busts in the room like 'yo come talk to me blood, come talk to me outside.' I was going to talk to him, but I felt he was being too disrespectful. I didn't go talk to him outside.”

Though Lanez admits that he was losing his temper, the two rappers were able to squash the beef without physical violence.

You can check out the altercation footage above.