Despite going down nearly two years ago, the altercation between Tory Lanez and Travis Scott has generated a lot of talk recently.

As referenced in Lanez’s 2017 track “Hate to Say,” the argument occurred at the inaugural Mala Luna Festival in San Antonio, just one day after the Canadian rapper posted a controversial tweet about his comparison to La Flame.

“I can't sound like somebody I wrote for ...,” he wrote. Shortly after their festival performances, Scott confronted Lanez about the tweet and it looked like it came pretty close to blows being traded. Footage of the heated exchange surfaced online earlier this week, which prompted Lanez to address the brief feud once again.

"Me and @trvisXX been got past this irrelevant ass argument a year and a half ago.. that's my dawg," he wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Not only has Lanez opened up about the beef in his music, he’s also discussed it multiple times with the media. In a November interview with HotNewHipHop, he explained that his original tweet about writing for Scott was misconstrued.

“I had said some shit about things I had previously written, and there was this song that Travis Scott had did that I had wrote the hook for […] he didn’t even know it was me at the time,” he explained. “I was telling y’all that I had wrote the record or whatever, and [the media] had put it out and spun it.”

Though it seems everything is all good between the rappers, some of Scott’s supporters are suspicious about the newly surfaced footage. Producer Southside of 808 Mafia recently hit up Instagram to accuse Lanez of leaking the video himself in an attempt to promote his new album Memories Don't Die.

“We don't gotta do no hoe shit to sell records, you bitch-ass ni**a. Fuck outta here, ni**a. Tell that bitch-ass ni**a Tory Lanez to hit us, ni**a. We want all the smoke, all the fades. Call whoever you want to call, ni**a. We in California on the regular, you bitch-ass ni**a.”

As of Wednesday, it seemed Southside and Lanez had squashed it.