TMZ has learned that attorneys for Too Short have released explicit text messages shared between the rapper and Teana Louis, the woman accusing him of sexual assault, in an effort to prove that the two were dating and that no rape took place. In addition to graphic texts which allegedly show her commenting on his anatomy, there are messages that seem to suggest that she loved him, and referred to herself as his wife.

Louis says she was introduced to Too Short at the end of 2015. She went on to develop a working relationship with him which led to them working on music together. Louis alleges that she was sexually assaulted by the rapper on multiple occasions from June to October 2016. Too Short’s lawyers, Rob Reichman and Sean Macias, argue that Louis is trying to harass their client, and that there is no evidence proving her claim of sexual assault.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that six in 10 rape or sexual assault victims say they were assaulted by “an intimate partner, relative, friend of acquaintance.” Therefore, someone claiming that they were sexually assaulted by the same person that they were in a relationship with isn't a radical idea. 

While previously speaking to TMZ, Short denied the accusations, remarking that it was extortion, "This is just blatant outright extortion. I'm being extorted [...] It's a lot man. It can only be extortion. It's not anything else. They want money. For a while there, I thought it was something other but now I know for a fact it's all about money."