While out at Austin, Texas for SXSW, Complex News' Jinx hosted a roundtable to discuss Netflix's upcoming docuseries Rapture. The conversation included rappers T.I., Dave East, and Rapsody, who are all featured in the eight-part series produced by Mass Appeal, along with executive producer Sacha Jenkins.

Along with breaking down what viewers can expect, Jenkins shared a special moment that takes place in Rapture between Nas and Dave East, who Nas signed to his Mass Appeal label a few years back. "I felt like Dave and Nas was like being in a time machine. Looking at Dave now is like looking at where Nas was, and looking at where Nas is now is where Dave can be," Jenkins explained. "But so many people don't make it through that, 'I got the whole hood on my back.' A lot of people don't survive that. Their careers don't survive that. So to get that knowledge from Nas is powerful."

T.I. also addressed how hip-hop has changed, especially when it comes to newer rappers gaining exposure while also showing what appears to be a lack of respect for those that came before them. A similar topic of conversation has taken place after Lil Xan's comments about 2Pac. "If a new rapper say stuff like, you know, disrespecting Biggie and Pac, that just says, well, it came too easy for you. You don't know how deep it is to get where you got to be. We can honestly say you a YouTube baby. Conversations like that allow people to download the information so they can have a certain level of respect for it."

Check out the full roundtable above. Rapture premieres on Netflix March 30.