The Weeknd is busy putting the final touches on his next album, and he has the cryptic Instagram videos to prove it. The Toronto crooner has been posting studio photos and clips for months, but these last three on his Instagram imply the project is likely in its last stages as they all include the "mastering" caption.

Though there haven't been any singles released from the album just yet, we might have gotten an idea of what the album might sound like from rapper Travis Scott. It's possible Weeknd might be going back to his dark R&B roots after taking the more pop-infused route on recent albums, with Scott tweeting he heard the upcoming project and describing it as "scary" and "like when he heard him for the first time.

Fresh off his work on the soundtrack for the record-breaking film Black Panther, Weeknd hasn't released released a solo effort in two years. With headlining Coachella performances coming up in April, it makes sense for him to have a brand new studio album on the horizon, and he was even spotted in L.A. in what appeared to be a shoot for an upcoming music video.

This week marked the seventh anniversary of the release of his debut mixtape House of Balloons, so it's perfect timing to drop major hints at completing a new project that might bring him full circle.