Diplo and Desiigner have joined forces on an emotionally charged track called “Suicidal.” Check out the video above.

As its title suggests, the collaborative track finds the G.O.O.D. Music rapper addressing the struggles of finding hope when faced with various mental issues. Desiigner, of course, shelves his signature energetic flow in favor of a toned-down, Auto-tuned drenched singing style. 

Tryna hold on the ledge, I'm fallin' off  
Life Desiigner, I'm just walkin', I'm walkin' off
Young nigga by the mic and I'm talkin' off, got my Walkman on
I fall in buildings
Tryna hold on the ledge, I'm fallin' off
Life, designer's on me I'm just walkin', I'm walkin' off

“Suicidal”—which was co-produced by Diplo, Jr. Blender, and King Henry—is the moodiest cut on the California EP; but make no mistake, the new project isn't 100 percent gloomy. The six-track effort also includes appearances by Lil Yachty (“Worry No More”), Trippie Redd (“Wish”), and Lil Xan (“Color Blind”).

You stream California now on Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify. 

Hours before the EP dropped, the Guardian published an interview with Diplo regarding his approach to music, the EDM wave, and having to deal with allegations of cultural appropriation. The American DJ insisted that the criticism was unwarranted and exaggerated.

“I don’t … really … fucking care. What kind of music am I supposed to make? Being a white American, you have zero cultural capital, unless you’re doing Appalachian fiddle music or something. I’m just a product of my environment,” he said. “I’m sure the Clash never had people mad at them for co-opting [black music].”

You can read the full interview at the Guardian's website.