Self-professed "pervert for grime", Grime Disciple has just announced a new comp, the 17-track Champion, in aid of his cousin who was involved in a serious car accident. The legend-heavy tracklist features tracks from the likes of General Courts, Grandmixxer, Jammz, Polonis, Filthy Gears, Sir Hiss, JT The Goon, JEB1 and more.

Today, we've got the exclusive share of the collection's only vocal release — Kwam's JLSXND7RS-produced "GD Freestyle". Kwam's as lyrically nimble as ever, showering his typically dry wit and deadly punchlines over Jayel's jagged, sawtooth production. It's no wonder both producer and MC are revered by their contemporaries.

"'Champion' was originally curated to be an instrumental release," Grime Disciple told Complex over email, "and although I had high hopes for the end result, it's ended up being much more than I ever expected. 'GD Freestyle' is a perfect case in point, being the only vocal track on the release. JLSXND7RS produced the beat and shouted Kwam to tear it apart, and you just don't say no to a link-up like that."

Look out for Champion when it goes on sale via Bandcamp in early March.