Up-and-coming duo Febueder continue their experimental brand of indie music with "Paramount Tether", a intricately arranged track with an accompanying eclectic video. Directed by Samuel Keysell, the video matches the mesmerising nature of the song, showing different views and presenting the DIY nature of their come up. Its erratic nature brings a different, more artistic style which, while may not be for everybody, shows a level of depth and underlying meaning for those only willing to look for it.

The band explained to Complex: "'Paramount Tether' is about a tenuous connection with a person that is being tethered from their potential. The video began on an old Nikon Coolpix which had this lovely bad quality to itreminiscent of a Super 8, but without the need for film. The littered visuals move with the fast percussion in the track to illuminate the messy dream."