In case you weren’t aware, Drake did the most Drake thing possible and revealed that he’s a vegetarian last week. The news came during one of the rapper’s gaming sessions on Twitch on Wednesday night, when Drake told another Fortnite player that he “[doesn’t] eat meat anymore.” Animal rights organization PETA took note, and now the group has penned an open letter to the rapper about his choice and what he plans to do with his collaboration with Canada Goose, a brand that uses fur in many of their styles.


If two vegans are angry at each it beef?

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“Since you've made the great, kind, and forward-thinking choice not to eat animals, please, please, please, take one more step: Stop wearing them, and end October's Very Own's partnership with cruel company Canada Goose immediately,” PETA wrote. The organization claims “Canada Goose touts a fake love for the environment yet kills ducks and geese for their down and uses painful steel traps to catch wild coyotes," stating that the violence is "definitely not part of God's Plan.” Sorry PETA, from what I hear, Drake only loves his bed and his mom, I’m sorry. Kidding. TBD if the rapper will actually part ways with the outerwear brand now that he’s eating cruelty-free.