It'd be no surprise to find out if Drake had an abundance of rare sneakers, an armada of foreign cars, a whole fleet of jet skis, or a room dedicated entirely to platinum record plaques, but the 6 God recently logged onto Instagram to show off one of his particularly covetable collections—his signed sports jerseys.

Drake had sports fanatics losing their minds over his rare pieces of merchandise, many of which were signed by the players themselves. For the man who just finished celebrating his latest single's 9-week run on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, it seems he was feeling a little extra self-indulgent when he decided to flex some of his prized sports grails on his Instagram stories for us plebes to simply admire through our screens.

Some of the jerseys he flaunted on the gram were from Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Paul Pogba, and tons more. He even whipped out a mic-drop-level jersey from Barrack Obama, which displayed "44" and yes, his actual signature as well.

Both sports fans and typical viewers of Drake's IG stories were thoroughly impressed with his crazy collection, but in one final baller move, Drizzy pulled out a size 22 pair of Shaq sneakers, signed of course. People praised and envied after his collection in posts on social media.