We're only in the third month of 2018 but Vancouver duo MANILA GREY is working to make it their best year yet. They were recently confirmed to be part of the lineup for Breakout Festival, and today release a new single, "Friends of Friends."

The track dropped last week and is nearing the 50K streams mark on Spotify already. If you're just discovering MANILA GREY, this track is a good sampling of what the group is all about: hypnotic production, lush synths and catchy melodies packaged up in a sound that sits somewhere between current synth-heavy trap and futuristic R&B. 

Singer/songwriter Soliven and rapper Neeko Francisco work with producer azel north on their signature dark sound. The trio write, arrange, produce and mix all their own material, and are part of a new wave of hip hop artists out of Vancouver that are starting to make noise in their city and beyond. 

Stream "Friends of Friends" below and be sure to peep their other offerings: they've got a ton of past material on Spotify.