Whenever Drake's "Shot for Me" hits me during a shuffle session, there's one line in particular that really just fucks me all the way up promptly and without fail:

I'm the reason why you always getting faded

Sonically, the Take Care cut is practically begging for an impromptu Lorde cover, and that's exactly what it received Thursday night in Toronto. "Great hug-giver," Lorde said before gifting the audience with her rendition. "Very good hugs."

The latest cover arrives amid Lorde's Melodrama World Tour. The experience marks an early contender for tour of the year, complete with near-Kanye levels of presentation mastery and a set list that seamlessly blends the complementary but independent vibes of Pure Heroine and Melodrama


Earlier this week, the Melodrama World Tour audience in Chicago was treated to a pair of Kanye covers:

I'm not sure if we're in this timeline or not, but somewhere out there, there's a reality in which we're honored with the presence of a full-length Lorde x Kanye West collab project.