Logic's celebrating another No. 1 album, as his Bobby Tarantino sequel takes the top spot on this week's Billboard 200. In a new interview with Hard Knock TV, Logic discussed how his Bobby Tarantino alter-ego differs from the Logic behind the Grammy-nominated Everybody.

"Hip-hop acceptance, all that, man, fuck it," Logic said around the seven-minute mark in the video up top. "And that's where I'm at . . . I used to have this thing in my head where I was, like, I wanted to make music for the culture, and I was like,'Man, what is the culture even?' I don't even know what that means. I'm just gonna make music for people who like my music and spread a positive message and that's it. That's what I do."

With the latest Tarantino chapter, Logic was able to just "not give a fuck" and rap. "That's the fun thing," he said around the 7:48 mark. "But I'm still conscious. I like to refer to Bobby Tarantino music as conscious trap music, for real." The project, he added, shows that he's just an "honest man who can rap his ass off."

Logic will presumably be showing off both artistic personas on the upcoming Bobby Tarantino vs. Everybody Tour. KYLE and NF will join Logic for the 33-date run starting June 8 in Boston.

Last week, TMZ claimed that Logic was splitting from his wife Jessica Andrea. The two married back in October 2015. He has yet to comment on the reports.