UPDATED 8:09 p.m. ET: Lloyd Banks isn't leaving the music game anytime soon.

Hours after he posted a tweet that suggested he was retiring, the 35-year-old rapper addressed the rumors with a video clip of WWE legend Ric Flair:

​So, there you have it. 

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It's no secret that the members of G-Unit have been having issues among one another for a while, with 50 Cent recently admitting on record that he wasn't really on talking terms with Lloyd Banks anymore. The two rappers have been clashing over a number of issues over the past few years, but now it looks like hopes of them ever reuniting on a song have been squashed.

Taking to Twitter, Lloyd shared some news with his fans. "I fell in love with Hip Hop over 25 years ago," he wrote. "It was that thing I turned to during good times and bad... just wanna say thank you to the artist B4 me that inspired me... and send my appreciation to everyone that supported me till this day THANK YOU!!" He immediately followed up the tweet with something a little more forward. "With that being said... I think it's time to lay it down."

Banks hasn't tweeted about the specifics of what he meant since then, leading fans to believe this is him announcing his possible retirement. We've reached out to a rep and will update this story when available.