Last October, rapper Lil Pump along with his manager and some friends, allegedly got into a pretty bad car accident that left the other driver severely injured. TMZ reports that this other driver is now filing a suit against the rapper and his former label Warner Bros. Records, to cover his medical bills and damages for his injuries, pain and suffering.

In the suit, a California man claims he was driving around Los Angeles on Oct. 11, when a Bentley "violently collided" into his Nissan Pathfinder. He also states he was pulled out of the car by the rapper and his friends while still unconscious, before they took off on foot, leaving the car behind instead of sticking around to make sure he was okay. Allegedly, they only stayed long enough to pull a duffel bag from the Bentley's trunk. What the court documents don't specify is who was driving the Bentley at the time of the incident.

Lil Pump posted a selfie in a neck and wrist brace just two days after the alleged hit and run, alluding to his possible involvement in the accident. This is far from Pump's first brush with the law. Just last month, Pump was arrested for discharging a firearm in his home after three men were allegedly seen "jimmying" the front door before the shot was fired. Police would later conclude the shots came from inside Pump's home and found the handgun underneath his balcony.