"Tucci Gang" inspirer Lil Pump is teasing that a "new fuckin' deal" is about to be announced.

In his most recent Instagram Story update, Pump—who became a free agent back in January—excitedly kicked off the hype for the mysterious deal. "New deal on the way, bitch," he said. "New fuckin' deal, bitch!"

We've reached out to Pump's reps for clarification, but there's one leading theory worth pointing out in the meantime. Shortly after reports flooded in that Pump's contract with Warner Bros. had been nixed due to an apparent underage signing and lack of court certification, none other than Gucci Mane stepped in with an offer. "U name the price," the 1017 Records founder said in an Instagram comment in January.

In the months since Mane's public offer, more possible clues of a 1017 deal have emerged, including Pump rocking a 1017 chain.

Pump previously vowed to ignore any offer that didn't net him at least $12 million. "Lil Pump got something to say," he told his fans on Instagram Live in January. "I ain't signing to none of these fuckin' labels for nothing less than 12 to 15 mill. So y'all think y'all 'bout to fuckin' get me for the low? Y'all can go suck my fucking dick. Fuck all y'all labels, man."

Of course, the "new fucking deal" Pump teased this week could also have nothing to do with a record label at all and could instead be related to some sort of brand partnership. We shall see.

Tuesday, Pump celebrated 10 million Instagram followers with a delicious-looking cake: