Lana Del Rey has recently lent her dulcet vocals to an Evita classic for the upcoming Andrew Lloyd Webber album Unmasked: The Platinum Collection. The special collection album will coincide with Webber's 70th birthday on March 16, and accompany his upcoming memoir. The pop starlet took on Webber and Tim Rice's "You Must Love Me" which was also recorded by Madonna in '96 for the film adaptation of the Broadway play.

Del Rey confessed to NME that recording the cover was a dream-come-true. “Andrew Lloyd Webber has been one of my primary inspirations in music, so to do a cover of one of his songs is a dream. I especially love this particular song, 'You Must Love Me,' because of how unique the melody is. I’ve been incredibly inspired by all of Andrew’s work from Phantom of the Opera to Evita," she explained. The album will also include covers from Nicole Sherzinger and Madonna herself.

Although this latest cover will not be featured in an actual movie, it isn't the first time Del Rey has used dipped into the world of film. She previously recorded two songs for Tim Burton's 2014 Big Eyes, including the title track, as well as The Great Gatsby's "Young and Beautiful" and "Once Upon a Dream" from Disney's Maleficent.

As far as the Broadway world, a Del Rey production might be closer than we think. The skilled songwriter recently explained in a L'Officiel USA Q&A that she's been working on writing a Broadway play along with her producer, Rick Nowels. According to Del Rey, she's been working on a musical, and while the details of such a project are left to ur imaginations for now, she revealed that the play could be finished in "two or three years."