Joey Badass' podcast 47 minutes, is here. Alongside his co-host Nastee, Joey enlisted Vince Staples and Styles P to be the show's first guests.

In a preview clip for the nearly two-hour episode (yes, it actually exceeds 47 minutes), they argue about Future's status as a musical icon, and hip-hop culture overall.

"Think of how crazy of a run this nigga Future went on for them however many years," said Staples. "Motherfuckers weren't saying he was the best rapper so what the fuck is we talking about."

Shortly afterward, Styles P asked whether either of them ever called Future an MC.

"I honestly ain't never call nobody an MC. That shit don't exist like where I'm from," said Staples. But P had a separate definition of who deserves the respect of the title: "If you can't rhyme, you're not an MC," he said.

It's different for Staples who said the "biggest thing you can be is your name." He went to to explain that it's more important for you to earn being called by your chosen stage name like Kendrick Lamar, who was almost exclusively known as K-Dot during his mixtape days.

In the podcast Badass proposed that, "what's being pushed and publicized (musically) is not that good shit," and "nothing that's out is helping the kids," according to Billboard. And of course, Staples who's known for disregarding OGs, and Styles P who considers himself an OG with reverence for hip-hop history, completely disagreed on the subject. After P broke down the difference between hip-hop and rap, Styles rebutted with the fact that he only grew up around gang culture, not hip-hop culture.

Back in January, Badass announced his Tidal-exclusive podcast on Twitter. In the tweet, he told his followers to "tune in to hear me talk about shit from hip hop, politics, spirituality and whatever the fuck else I want."

So far, it sounds promising. Take a listen below.