DJ Khaled dropped his Future, Jay Z, and Beyoncé-assisted “Top Off” last night, and no matter what you think of the song, there’s one huge standout: Bey rapping. It’s pretty dope to hear Bey spitting off bars, and she really goes for it on this song, so much so that it’s already started sparking diss rumors left and right. During her verse, Bey flexes about being able to “break the internet” and her “real body,” which many have read as a direct jab at Kim Kardashian. Others saw a less pointed nod to Tiffany Haddish, but that one is more contested.

First, let’s look at the potential Kim lines:

I'm the only lady here, still the realest n*gga in the room
I break the internet, top two and I ain't number two
My body, my ice, my cash, all real, I'm a triple threat
Fuck it up and then leave, come back, f*ck it up and leave again

"Break the internet" appears to be a reference to Kim’s viral Paper magazine cover from 2014, which was literally titled “Break the Internet.” Of course, the term has stuck around and has been used to refer to all sorts of things (even other Kim photos). Plus, the phrase definitely applies to how the internet reacts whenever Beyoncé does literally anything. So, Bey could just be using it to highlight her own influence and impact, using the term as a general thing that we all say nowadays. But, still, it’s fishy.

The second supposed diss is slightly more savage. When Bey raps, “My body, my ice, my cash, all real,” she’s certainly sending barbs to any famous women who lie or fake their success in any way. Kim Kardashian has always denied plastic surgery claims, but it’s definitely one of the most unrelenting accusations lobbed her way, which would make it fair game for Bey, especially if she’s really talking about Kim in the “break the internet” line. If that’s true, then it would follow logically that she’s referring to Kim’s fakeness here.

Plus, rumors about Beyoncé simply not liking Kim have always been swirling. They are, of course, just rumors, but, where there’s smoke…

Beyoncé’s verse also made some people’s jaw drop for another, more surprising (and harder to believe) apparent diss. At the end of her verse, Beyoncé raps: “If they're tryna party with the queen/They gon’ have to sign a non-disclosure.” Many immediately thought Bey was talking about Tiffany Haddish, who has been outspoken about meeting and partying with Beyoncé, even posting evidence on her Instagram.

“She came up to me and was like, ‘I think you are so funny, Tiffany Haddish.’ I was like, ‘What? You know me?!’ She said, ‘I’m Beyoncé.’ ‘I KNOW!’” Haddish said in an interview. That got many thinking that Bey could be referring to Haddish in “Top Off,” but it seems like a stretch, since surely Beyoncé has partied with many more people than just Haddish, and Haddish has some genuine love for Bey. In any case, Haddish was just happy to be mentioned—and offered to sign an NDA any day for Beyoncé.