Geraldo Rivera appeared on Sway in the Morning where the topic of Kendrick Lamar was brought up. If you remember, Rivera previously criticized K-Dot after the Compton rapper used audio of the Fox News contributor on his 2017 album Damn. After defending his previous questionable comments about hip-hop at large, Rivera was asked about the discography of Lamar's. "I'm more of a Drake man," Rivera said around the 26-minute mark. "I think that he's got a great balance. I think that he, really he's got the edge, the urban edge that I think makes it really sharp. But he also understands that this is a big crazy world, and I think that his message is generally positive."

Asked to speak further on Lamar's discography specifically, Rivera—who made a point to explain that he also likes Jay Z—confirmed to an already aware planet that he's not a music critic. "I am not a music critic, so I'm not going to pretend that I can give you the discography of Kendrick Lamar," he said. "I can tell you that I've listened to many of his albums, I've listened to his music. His performances are not only theatrical, but very dramatic, and they make an editorial point, I'll think you'll agree, that's beyond the musical aspect. He's making a political statement in these theatrical TV appearances on these various shows. I think he's extremely creative, but he's in a very powerful position."

Rivera then compared him further to (the mostly apolitical) Drake, for reasons not worth exploring. "I just think that I need positivity," Rivera, who doesn't exactly offer much in terms of positivity when he's shilling for Fox News, said. "I need reaffirmation that hard work and education and ambition are good things and they will be rewarded in this society wherever you come from. That's the message that I try to present, and that's what I don't see enough of. I think there's too much gloom and pessimism rather than celebration. To me, there's more celebration in Drake's music than Kendrick's music, and that's just an amateur, clumsy, old man talking."

You got that right.